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4 SAUCE CARE PACKAGE. A full variety pack of every sauce in the Varacha arsenal. A flavor for every occasion.

- VBQ, a black garlic barbecue hot sauce with low heat. (Approximate heat index 4/10) 

- NOVA, a mango and ginger hot sauce with medium heat,  like a sweet and sour sauce but spicy. (Approximate heat index 5/10) 

- PLUS ONE, a unique turmeric garlic hot sauce that is the most versatile sauce on the roster, goes good on just about everything, perfect replacement for your classic tabletop hot sauces. (Approximate heat index 6/10)

- ASTRO, a Caribbean blend that combines the herbs and spices from Jerk and Curry sauces. The spiciest sauce on the roster so far, but packed with so much flavor you won’t care how hot it is. (Approximate heat index 7/10)